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1. Background - is a global Specialized Mobile Provider, which provides mobile calling and texting services worldwide at very large discounts on standard mobile calling and texting costs – connecting the world in a new and innovative way.

It has the largest geographic coverage of any single mobile provider in the world, and it provides a service which is:

  • Free to join.
  • Easy to use.
  • Up to 80% or more lower in cost than standard mobile calling and/or texting costs internationally.
  • Available to any person with a mobile phone which can connect to the internet (80%+ of mobile phones internationally).
  • Available in all countries, on all networks.
  • Available with the same rates all over the world. is not a VoIP-over-mobile service, so it does not attract expensive “data-transfer costs” for users – who use it from their own phones with their own phone numbers, to call or text other phones on their own phones and own phone numbers. provides a global solution to all people – for private or corporate/business purposes, and those using contract or pay-as-you-go mobile service contracts, of all ages – who want to make the same number of calls and texts, but cut their calling and texting costs by up to 80% or more.

More information on can be seen in the other sections of this website, using the navigation icons at the top of the page.

The service can be used by accessing the mobile phone site from your mobile phone.

Other details on can be seen by clicking these links. on Associated Press Television News interviews on CNBC Africa


2. Background - Challenges

The genesis of the Challenges is rooted in the company’s view of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The company believes that real corporate social responsibility should be integrated into all actions that it undertakes, and not assigned to a separate division or policy within the company. Indeed, our view is that if excess funds exist in a company for the formation of such a stand-alone division or policy, then that company’s social responsibility has already failed, because this money should have rather been passed back to customers in price-cuts instead of being raked in by the company through excessive charges.

In order to keep to these principles, has kept its charges to customers as low as possible, to provide affordable local and international communication between people, because our view is that affordable communication between people is not only a right, but also a cornerstone of interaction between people, which in turn increases the likelihood of peaceful cooperation and understanding, and lessens the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict. has integrated these principles into its marketing activities (and challenges), by engaging in marketing initiatives which either involve the global community in the marketing activity in a manner that will provide benefit to participants; or presenting a marketing activity with an inspirational aspect to it, to be a source of inspiration to all those exposed to it.

An example of a marketing initiative which involved the global community in a manner that provided benefit to the participants was The Viral Video Competition – details of which can be seen here:


Competition Winners

All Competition entries

An example of a marketing initiative, which seeks to inspire people at the same time as marketing the company and product, is The Intercontinental Challenge