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Challenge Team’s philosophy is that if its own personnel cannot understand something, know what its purpose is, and know how to implement it successfully themselves, the company will not consider it. This applies to the company’s product, service or any other company-related activity – including The Challenge.

As such, the Intercontinental Challenge has been conceptualized, planned and implemented by a team of the company’s own personnel, with them appointing and drawing in where necessary third party specialized persons or companies, who are proven experts who have exhibited the quality of excellence in their own specific fields of endeavor. These third parties operate under the direction of company personnel, as part of a team – as it is also a company view that the best results are achieved through people and entities working together as one team.

The team which is responsible, in all respects, for conceptualizing, planning, implementing The Intercontinental Challenge – and broadcasting it to the world – is as follows:-

1. Principal Parties
2. Aircraft Providers

3. Pilots and Aviation Personnel

4. Media Team
5. Filming and Photography
6. Internet Streaming
7. Radio Broadcast
8. Online Community Strategy
9. Security, Safety, Search & Rescue and Logistics
10. Meteorological Support

11. Language Translation

1. Principal Parties

Stuart Sterzel

Chairman and CEO of Limited. Responsible for the conceptualization, overall planning and strategic management and implementation of all aspects of The Intercontinental Challenge.

Hartwig Baier 

Project Leader for The Intercontinental Challenge, and a member of the company’s management team. Hartwig is responsible for Project Management and practical implementation of all aspects relating to the staging of The Challenge. Hartwig is a former Air force Test Pilot and Engineer, who went on to act as Test Pilot for some of the largest aviation companies in the world before founding his own international aviation company (Aviation Traders Limited), which he managed for the last 30 years, prior to becoming the Head of Special Events for Limited.

Yves Rossy

Yves Rossy has, through his consistent focus and determination, overcome many obstacles and has pursued success through personal excellence. A former Jet Fighter pilot in the Swiss Air Force, and a pilot for a Major European Airline, he has achieved the same success in his field of endeavors as the company has in its field. In his case, it is the development of jet-powered wings for human flight. Because he had demonstrated the same values as the company in his endeavors, offered him the opportunity to accept The Intercontinental Challenge, which he did. This is the first Challenger for what will be an ongoing series of Challenges by, so Yves has been appointed as Challenger 1

Mark Dawson

Finance Director of Limited. Responsible for all aspects of financial planning and budgeting for The Intercontinental Challenge – which has financed in all aspects. Mark previously held senior executive positions as Finance Director in multinational companies, and then went on to found his own auditing practice. He later merged practices with another auditing firm, and is now a partner in an auditing practice, as well as being Finance Director of Limited.



2. Aircraft providers


The Inaer Group is one of the largest helicopter operators in Europe, with more than 180 aircraft in its fleet, more than 140 of which it owns. Its helicopters are used in a broad range of missions, from fire fighting to rescue to transport.




Alfacam is providing the transmitter aircraft for The Challenge. The aircraft will be operated by Alfacam’s subsidiary company, Euro Linx. Euro Linx is the key player in the wireless HDTV transmission domain and is able to fulfill any requirement for high-tech and advanced wireless connections. Created as a spin-off off the wireless technologies developed at Alfacam, Euro Linx specializes in HDTV satellite services and wireless transmissions.

Flying Devil

Flying Devil SA is the Swiss company providing the Pilatus PC 6 aircraft from which The Challenger will exit. The company offers a number of flying experiences in a wide range of challenging disciplines witrh very experienced pilots and flight crew.



3. Pilots and Aviation Personnel

Ismael Carbonell (Falcon 1)

Ismael will be flying the Search and Rescue helicopter, Falcon 1, the Bell 412. He has 3 400 flying hours and experience in fire fighting, emergency medical rescue, search and rescue and aerial filming.

Juan Cumplido (Falcon 2)

Juan will be flying the Eurocopter AS355N, the camera helicopter. He has almost 7 700 flying hours and experience in fire fighting, search and rescue, forest surveillance and emergency medical services.

Roland Brunner (Falcon 2)

Roland will be the co-pilot of the Camera Helicopter (Eagle 2) He has been flying helicopters since 1982 and has worked in several Swiss companies as a transport and rescue pilot and as a flight teacher. Roland specializes in aerial photography.


Salvador Carrazoni (Falcon 3)

Salvador will fly the personnel helicopter, Falcon 3, a Bell 412. He has an instructor rating for the Bell 412 and more than 6,400 flying hours. He has experience in fire fighting, search and rescue and emergency medical services


Enrique Arnau (Back Up Pilot)

Enrique has just under 3,800 flying hours and has experience in fire fighting, search and rescue, passenger transport and emergency medical services

Antonio Martinez

Antonio is the Commercial Director for Portugal and Spain for Inaer. He is responsible for coordination and planning of all Inaer activities to do with The Challenge in cooperation with the  Intercontinental Challenge Team.



Jean-Marc Colomb (Eagle 1)

Pilots the Launch Aircraft (Eagle 1). Jean-Marc has been flying since 1966, and has been involved in commercial flying, aerobatic flights, glacier flying/landing and other complex flying disciplines.


Gilbert Mullenders (Eagle 2)

Gilbert will be a pilot of the Beechcraft Super King Air which will be the relay platform for the signals from the camera helicopter to the OB (Outside Broadcast) truck in Spain. He trained as a pilot in The Netherlands and in Belgium, serving for many years in the Belgian Air Force. He holds Belgian and United States commercial pilot qualifications and has flown in number of different countries, in a number of different aircraft, in his civilian flying career.

Paul Ewers (Eagle 2)

Paul is the second pilot of the Beechcraft Super King Air signal real aircraft. Paul began his career in aviation as an aircraft engineer before training as a pilot. He has flown a number of different types of aircraft and has also been an instructor.



4. Media Team

Brendan Seery

Brendan is the Head of Media for He is a journalist with more than 30 years experience as a foreign correspondent, investigative reporter and as an editor for a major international newspaper group.

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman has been a print and electronic media journalist and award-winning photographer, since 1981, since which time he has worked in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He previously worked as a corporate communications manager prior to becoming a freelance journalist, specializing in business, politics and human development.

Media Impact

Media Impact is a specialist media and public relations company based in Geneva Switzerland – with a team of multi-lingual specialists – with wide experience in events, media liaison and publicity.

Gérard Sermier

Gerard is the Managing Director of the media relations company Media Impact, and is part of the Media Team for the Intercontinental Challenge. After working for Radio Suisse Romande (RSR) as a radio announcer and the Swiss publisher Edipresse as a journalist, he moved to pursue a career in media relations. After working as a press attaché for multinational companies for a number of years, he founded Media Impact, a public and press relations agency in Geneva.

Fanny Eternod

After completing a master of Arts in Journalism at the University of Lausanne, Fanny joined the Media Impact team in 2006, and has since been involved in providing international media relations services to number of clients in various countries.

Aline Casal

After completing a Master of Arts in Political Science at the University of Geneva, Aline was a member of the public relations department of a private bank. From there, she worked in the communications department of a multinational company, prior to joining Media Impact in April 2008 as a press attaché.




5. Filming and photography


Associated Press Television News (APTN)

APTN will produce and distribute internationally the Video News Releases (VNRs) directly into every major television newsroom in the world simultaneously. Other services include the production of video news releases and programming - anywhere in the world, using an extensive network of camera crews, facilities and satellite space.

Bart Stobart (Producer)

Bart is Manager of APTN Corporate Services Department, with over a decade of experience of producing and distributing corporate and broadcast video, working with a diverse range of public sector, private sector and international clients such as Shell, the European Commission and Price Waterhouse Coopers. He has worked in countries all over the world planning, producing, and covering an extremely wide and complex range of events and activities.

Phil Hastie (Cameraman)

Phil is one of APTN’s most experienced cameramen – he has worked for most of the international channels and is an outstanding lighting cameraman as well as an excellent engineer. From Kabul to Devon Phil has covered stories worldwide and is experienced in aerial photography having worked on the BBC coast series.

Michael Pohl (Producer - Spain)

Michael is one of APTN’s most trusted partners – a multiskilled cameraman in his own right, he is used to being thrown into situations and making the best of it. Whether producing, filming or managing a project Michael is a safe pair of hands who again has worked in both corporate and news fields and has done his fair share of time in conflict zones.

Euro-Linx - part of the Alfacam group

Euro Linx is delivering the HDTV signals. RF (Radio Frequency) receivers in the Beechcraft Super King Air operated by Euro Linx will receive signals from ground-based cameras and from the Cineflex HD camera mounted on the Eurocopter helicopter. Signals from the Super King Air will then be relayed to OB (Outside Broadcast) trucks on the ground in Spain. In these trucks, the signals will be mixed and then fed via satellite dishes to a geo-stationary Eutelsat satellite and to the BT Tower in London. TV stations around the world can then pick up these signals for free for their programming.

Bruno Coudyzer

He is a Member of the Management Board of Alfacam Group NV and Manager of EuroLinx, part of Alfacam Group. Bruno joined Alfacam in 2007, where he has the task of further developing the wireless transmission activities of the Group. Prior to this, he gained experience in broadcasting and HDTV as Commercial Manager with ASH Video Facilities, as Sales Manager with Lines Broadcast Systems and as Project Manager with Outside Broadcast. Bruno is the Euro Linx Executive Manager co-ordinating the live filming and transmission of the footage via microwave transmitter and Eutelsat. Bruno has managed many live broadcasts, with a wide range of themes, all over the world.

Gerd Kaiser

Gerd will be directing the live filming of the Intercontinental Challenge. He was born in Germany and studied engineering at university, training after graduation with a number of TV companies. He has been a vision control engineer, editor and technical operations manager at a number of TV and film companies in Europe and has worked as project manager at Aflacam Germany since early 2009.

He has worked on a number of complex OB (Outside Broadcast) projects, including the 2002 World Cup in Japan; the 2006 World Cup in Germany; Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland; the Olympic Games in Athens (2004), Torino (2006), Beijing (2008) as well as the Red Bull Air Race.

Sophie Van Bael

Sophie will be co-ordinating logistics for the Alfacam/Euro Linx production teams on the Intercontinental Challenge. She is a journalism graduate and worked as a production assistant and researcher on several Belgian and Dutch television productions before joining the planning section of Alfacam in 2009.


Wim Robberechts & Co

Wim Robberechts & Co was founded in 1984 and specializes in Aerial filming (HD, video, film), Aerial photography and Corporate videos. They mainly film with a gyroscopically stabilized system. This enables them to shoot shock-proof pictures with heavy tele-lenses.

Evert Cloetens

Evert is an expert aerial cameraman from Wim Robberechts & Co, who will be operating the Cineflex camera in the Camera Helicopter. He has worked all over the world on complex and challenging projects for live broadcast television, documentaries, sporting events, commercials, corporate films and features. The diversity of work, his love of flying and passion for cinematography made him the versatile aerial cameraman and technician he is today.

Frank Herzog Fotografie fuer Werbung

Frank Herzog Fotografie fuer Werbung is a Germany-based specialist photography company, which covers a wide range of specialist photography disciplines – including aerial photography. This company will be taking the still photographs of The Challenge – both on the ground and in the air.

Frank Herzog

Frank is an experienced aviation and action photographer, who is the owner of Frank Herzog Fotografie fuer Werbung. His work has appeared in a number of prominent international publications. He will be taking the still photographs and stills aerial photography on the Intercontinental Challenge. Prior to forming his own company, he studied advertising design and worked as art director for Porsche Cars.



6. Internet Streaming

William Gets

William is the Head of Visual Media for and has more than a decade of experience in the field. He has previously managed a number of complex visual media projects in the media and advertising industries. He will oversee the global webcast of The Intercontinental Challenge in all respects, as well as all matters related to branding.


Brainstorm is a full service advertising agency providing corporate communications services for clients for over a decade. Brainstorm is providing various graphic design, animation and front end web development services for


Groovy Gecko and Sat Stream

Groovy Gecko is respected as a leader in its field and is one of the most successful Streaming Media companies in Europe, winning the inaugural "ISPA Best Streaming" award in 2006. SatStream is Europe's largest bespoke broadcast-standards facility specifically designed for content acquisition from Satellite and broadcast by Streaming via the internet.  They will downlink the signal from the satellite, add multiple language commentaries, transcode and distribute it via the CDN (Content Delivery Network) of Akamai Technologies.

Craig Moehl

Craig is the Managing Director of Groovy Gecko and SatStream.  Previously, Craig worked at McKinsey, and thereafter as European Operations Manager at MTV Networks. Craig founded Groovy Gecko in November 1999. In 2008, Craig was awarded a prestigious award acknowledging him as one of the top 25 individuals globally to have shaped the satellite streaming industry in the last decade.

Alan Mercer

Alan is Operations Director at SatStream and is a media professional with over 30 years of experience in organizations like the BBC, EuroNews and Al Jazeera, evolving at managerial level in these organizations’ engineering, production and new media environments.



Akamai Technologies

Akamai's Secure Streaming platform allows encoded video feeds from the Intercontinetnal Challenge event to be streamed live from the event location to Internet users. Registration to watch the event is free at and only requires confirmation of an email address. Live video streams with multilingual commentary will be available at multiple bitrates in flash and windows media player formats, for cross platform compatibility, allowing millions of streamed views of the Intercontinetnal Challenge by Internet users worldwide.


Isotoma is a leading website development company. It is providing technical support to for The Challenge website and streaming of the live video event, including integrating the backend infrastructure of Google App Engine and Akamai's Secure Streaming with the front end of The Challenge website. Isotoma works according to the principle that technology projects do not have to go wrong. Focusing on customer involvement, listening to its target users and ensuring the right technology is applied to the right problem makes each project a success. The company has decades of experience of software design and delivery. Their experience has made them authorities in what they do.

Doug Winter

Doug Is a Director and co-owner of Isotoma. He was formerly Technical Manager for BBC Online and gatekeeper for all projects intended for launch on the emerging BBC platform and responsible for quality and compliance with technical standards. In 2000 Doug left the BBC to take up the role of CTO with Business Europe, and from there went on co-found Isotoma. At Isotoma Doug leads solution architecture, design and delivery.

Andy Theyers

Andy is a Director and co-owner of Isotoma. He was formerly part of the senior management team at UK systems integrator ioko365, where Andy became Senior Technical Account Manager for some of its largest clients, including BSkyB, Royal Dutch/Shell Group and EMI Music. At Isotoma Andy leads the Plone projects that the company undertakes, and manages business development.

David Watson

David is a Director and co-owner of Isotoma. With a background in Unix systems and IP networking, David was a Technical Architect with UK systems integrator ioko365 between 1996 and 2004 and was responsible for the design, implementation and operational support of some of the highest profile websites in Europe.  In 2004 he founded award winning consultancy Securability, which included spending two years leading the online non-functional testing team at BSkyB on the largest CRM implementation project in Europe.  As a director and Chief Research Officer of the Honeynet Project, David is also an active computer security researcher and regularly presents to government, military and law enforcement agencies in both the UK and US. At Isotoma David leads the technical team which built the technical infrastructure for the challenge streaming event.

Francois Jordaan

Francois is Director of User Experience at Isotoma. Since 1996 Francois has worked as an information architect and interaction designer, designing large-scale, functionally rich websites and web applications. He has been the IA lead on many major corporate accounts, and since 2007 Francois has been responsible for the implementation of accessible, inclusive web site design for Isotoma projects.

To ensure that the Intercontinental Challenge is able to be webcast to the largest audience possible. has implemented a structuring whereby the delivery of the streaming is supported by Akamai Technologies and the Google App Engine.

Google App Engine

Google’s App Engine is being used to deliver scalable and performance driven streaming. Java and JSP pages are used to provide the public with information about the Intercontinental Challenge event and to support worldwide registration for watching live and on demand internet streaming of the live event.




7. Radio Broadcast

Radio WKZL 107.5

WKZL 107.5 is the Radio Station in the United States which will broadcast excerpts of The Challenge live on its Morning Show. Its station is available on the radio and worldwide over the internet via live streaming at WKZL 107.5  is a Mainstream Top 40 station licensed to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and serves the Piedmont Triad area, which also includes Greensboro and High Point. The outlet, which is owned by Dick Broadcasting, is also the home of the #1 rated Murphy in the Morning Show.

Josh Anderson

Josh is a co-presenter of the morning program on the radio station 107.5 WKZL in the United States. He will be doing a live radio broadcast of The Challenge. Josh is an experienced radio broadcaster, and song writer and has been a fan favorite for years with his witty banter and humorous parody songs.

Jared Pike

Jared is the co-presenter of the morning program the radio station 107.5 WKZL in the United States. He will be co-presenting a live radio broadcast of The Challenge. Jared started his broadcasting career at 107.5 WKZL, and has been co-presenter on the morning show interviewing well known government, entertainment and sports personalities – Including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and ESPN’s Dick Vitale.



8. Online Community Strategy

Unruly Media

Unruly Media is a social media marketing firm specializing in the distribution of branded content. They will be helping to build buzz on Twitter for The Challenge, both before the event and on the day, and will be running a viral video contest in conjunction with Zooppa.

Scott Button

Scott is the CEO of Unruly Media. He has nine years experience in digital marketing and software services. Before founding Unruly Media in 2006, he was CEO of Connextra, a venture-backed UK ad serving and online analytics firm, which he led to trade sale in 2005. He holds an MA from Cambridge and a BPhil from Oxford, both in philosophy, and previously did short spells in the House of Commons and at McKinsey & Co.

Sarah Wood

Sarah is the Operations Director of Unruly Media. She looks after Unruly Media's growing network of publishers. She has been writing and working with authors and publishers for years. She holds an MA from Cambridge and a PhD from UCL, both in the field of American literature, and is currently writing a novel about Pennsylvania's 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic. Before co-founding Unruly Media, she was a Lecturer and Leverhulme Fellow at Sussex University.


Zooppa, the world's leading source of user-generated advertising, will be running a video-making competition on The Challenge. Zooppa enables brands to connect directly with their customers and the broader creative community to produce compelling advertising. Zooppa is the disruptive social-media platform that unleashes crowdsourcing at its best. The recent campaign with Zooppa produced 174 engaging, surprising and creative viral videos from around the world, which broke all of Zooppa’s previous records.

Wil Merritt

Wil is the CEO of Zooppa. Based in Seattle, USA Wil and Zooppa's global team are leading the user-generated advertising revolution. Wil is the former President and Publisher of TIME magazine's European edition. He also worked as Senior Vice President at Corbis, Bill Gates' private digital media company. Zooppa works with leading brands and their advertising agencies to produce highly engaging advertising through their global creative community.



9. Security, Safety, Search & Rescue and Logistics

GCE Consultants

GCE Consultants is providing security measures, logistics and liaison services for The Challenge. It is a Specialist Security and Operational Risk Mitigation Company with a world-wide reach. Operating from offices in multiple locations worldwide, the company provides these services to a diverse International client base.

Garth Eloff

Garth is the Operations Director of GCE Consultants. He will head the Search and Rescue (SAR) team for the Intercontinental Challenge.  Garth is a retired Special Forces Operator, and following on from his successful Special Forces career, he formed GCE Consultants. He and his company have carried out various specialist security activities internationally with great success.

Cathy Eloff

Cathy is the Managing Director of GCE Consultants. She will be the Ground Commander for The Challenge. Cathy is a retired Army Intelligence Officer and following on from her successful Military career, she formed GCE Consultants together with Garth Eloff. She and her company have carried out various specialist security activities internationally with great success.

Dr José Manuel Gutierrez.

Dr Gutierrez will be the emergency trauma doctor on board the Search and Rescue helicopter, Falcon 1. He has a medicine degree and is also a qualified surgeon. He has worked as an emergency doctor in helicopter units since 2005 and is the Medical Director of Inaer Helicopters.


The Spanish Coast Guard
(Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency)

The Spanish Maritime Rescue Agency has received an Advisory Document regarding The Challenge, and has Search and Rescue maritime units in the ports of the area prepared for any emergency at sea, including a fast action boat of 15 metres in length, and one of 21 metres in length. The Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency employs over 1,500 professionals who provide the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The resources that belong to the Maritime Rescue Agency have been strategically placed along the almost 8,000 kilometres of the Spanish coastline and include 16 rescue vessels, 55 fast intervention vessels (Salvamares) and 9 search and rescue helicopters. All these units have been designed for maritime rescue and pollution combat operations; they are manned by specialists and provided with the most advanced technical resources.



10. Meteorological Support

Meteo France

Meteo France is recognized as one of the foremost centers of excellence for meteorology in the world, utilizing the latest satellite technology and super-computers to provide accurate forecasts. It is particularly experienced in providing weather information for the aviation sector.

Sylvain Mondon

Sylvain is a meteorologist and engineer who is considered an expert in marine forecasting and has many years of experience in meteorological support services for public events and event support


Jean-Philippe Desbios

Jean-Philippe is a meteorological engineer and recognized expert in aeronautic forecasting and event support




11. Language Translation

Langauge Inc.

Language Inc. is responsible for the translating of the Intercontinental Challenge website in 20 languages. Language Inc contracts more than 2,000 mother tongue speaking professionals to provide translation, editing, proofreading, copywriting, transcription and interpretation services in all major languages.

Dr. Nico Nortjé

Nico is Chief Executive Officer of Language Inc. He has B.Soc.Sc; B.Soc.Sc (Hons); MA (Psyc); D.Phil degrees and is fluent in multiple languages